FancyRoute ships with a rough world map. More detailed maps have to be installed.

Routable Vector Maps

FancyRoute can handle precompiled Garmin maps. This pages offer some maps for download.

Further freely available maps can be found in the web. A recommended source for up-to-date precompiled Garmin maps is


Simply drag and drop the map file gmapsupp.img into the FancyRoute window.

More complex map setup scenarios can be arranged using ‘Menu-Options-Preferences-Garmin Map’. Detailed explanations can be found in the FancyRoute built-in help system.

Raster Maps

Raster maps are not routable. But they offer the option to use an arbitrary image, e.g. a bird’s view photograph as map.

FancyRoute is capable to convert images or photographs to raster maps. The step required to turn an image into a usable map is called georeferencing. FancyRoute’s georeferencing functionality can be found in ‘Menu-Map-Management-Import Map’.