FancyRoute GPS Tour Planner

Offline map viewer and tour planner

FancyRoute GUI


Read this article for a short introduction to FancyRoute.


  • FancyRoute is an offline map viewer and tour planner
  • Runs under Windows 7 or newer
  • Runs under Linux wine
  • Built-in help system
  • Designed to work with or without Internet connectivity
  • Free of charge for private and commercial use

Tour Planning

  • Full point/track/route creation and editing (including split, link, merge, fork, etc.)
    • Point symbols
    • Track/route colors, line types
    • Single/multi point editing
    • Track/route simplification (reduce points)
    • Track/route inversion
    • Time stamp correction (including GPS week rollover correction)
  • GPX/TCX/FIT file data exchange (and some more)
  • Rubber band editing (find alternative route segments)
  • Auto routing (car, pedestrian, various bike profiles)
  • Milestone generator
  • Time planner with race time estimation (involves pace, gradient, cyclic pauses, aid stations, etc.)
  • Import of GPS-tagged photographs as waypoints


  • Built-in world map with country borders
  • Garmin map images (gmapsupp.img, etc.)
    • Maps up to several GB size (e.g. the entire European map) can be handled at once
    • Simple installation, just drag and drop
    • Map item filter
  • Raster maps with georeferencing
  • Relief shading for all maps


  • Pan, zoom using keyboard, mouse or touchpad
  • Multiple zoom and detail features (e.g. auto map switch, map detail lock, etc.)
  • Real-time rendering of vector and raster images (no caching)
  • Map bookmarks
  • Map area filter
  • Map explorer and map management
  • Garmin map tool suite
    • Map analysis
    • TYP image importer
    • TYP polygon order editor
    • Subdivision viewer
  • Predefined and user defined map projections

Digital Elevation Model

  • HGT file support (offline SRTM database)
  • SRTM3 (90m, online)
  • ASTER GDEM (30m, online)
  • GTOPO30 (1km, online)
  • Elevation data smoothing
  • Obtain elevation data for points/tracks/routes
  • Go to position (Input: GPS coordinates in various formats)
  • Geo search (online and offline)
    • Offline Garmin map search (addresses, points of interest (POI), ways)
    • Online POI search
  • Map item info

Track Analysis

  • GPX/TCX/FIT analysis using various diagram types
  • Analysis and summary of distance, speed, pace, time, elevation, grade, heart rate, cadence, etc.

Device Support

  • Full offline support for various GPS devices using
    • Mass storage mode
    • Media transfer protocol
    • NMEA interface
    • Native Garmin USB protocol
    • Native Garmin serial protocol
  • Up and download points/tracks/routes, activities

User Interface

  • Split screen displaying map, projects and coordinates
  • Dockable tools
  • Built-in context sensitive help system
  • Built-in FancyRoute tutorial
  • Predefined and user-defined mouse gestures
  • Predefined and user-defined keyboard shortcuts
  • Preview and print of maps and diagrams, tiling to multiple pages
  • Copy and paste of all points/tracks/routes
  • Drag and drop of maps and files
  • Imperial and metric units
  • CSV-copy point/track/route data
  • Predefined and user defined coordinate formats, including exotic ones like GEOREF and UTM
  • Predefined and user defined projection formats (Plate Carree, Mercator, Bonne, Mollweide and many more)
  • User defined keyboard to mouse button mapping
  • Internet proxy support
  • Georeferencing of user defined raster maps based on images and photographs
  • Online update

Geo Calculator

  • Format coordinates to various formats
  • Point to point distance calculation
  • Point and bearing projection
  • GPS datum conversion using Molodensky transform (from/to: WGS84, WGS72, and more than 100 further standards)
  • Supports Vincenty, Great Circle, Rhumb Line

64-bit Support

  • 32 and 64 bit versions available
  • Built-in Garmin tile filter to handle even large files (>2GB) on 32bit systems